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How to Pick the Right Scent

The first to consider when choosing a candle scent is where you plan to use it. Take, for example, the size of the space you plan to use a candle in. You wouldn't want to use a big overpowering scent in a small space such as a powder room, but in a large family room, the same scent might smell quite nice.

Even though you may sniff unlit candles until your nose is overwhelmed, there is a better approach. Choosing a scented candle is similar to selecting a personal scent like perfume, body spray, or cologne. It's simply a personal preference based on your personal experiences.

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in itMargaret Fuller

When selecting a candle scent, the first factor to consider is where you want to use it. The first factor to consider is where you're going to light the candle. Avoid floral scents in the kitchen since they might interfere with food when cooking. Consider lighting a sweet or fresh candle to complement the aromas of the food. Because living rooms are often larger and won't be overwhelmed, they can accommodate an extensive range of scents. Another factor to consider is the size of the area. You may need a larger candle for an ample space or one with high ceilings. A remote location like a bathroom or a study may undoubtedly get by with just a small candle. There are no set rules, of course. If you like gentler fragrances, go smaller in a larger room, or vice versa.

Scented candles are certainly one of the quickest methods of creating a mood. They may add a pleasant warmth to any area, but the scent of the candle usually amplifies the ambiance. When selecting a candle scent for ambience, keep your purpose in mind. A zingy citrus scent is ideal for stimulating a work environment. While in the bath, an exotic scent like sandalwood may be calming.

So when you try and pick a candle online, think of what type of smells you enjoy. Which categories would they belong to from these 4: Fresh, Floral, Oriental/Exotic or Woody? Look for scents that remind you of the person or consider the decorative aspects if you're searching for a present.

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